Varun & Aarti


They say that nothing can come in the way of love, and in this case, not even a pandemic.

A few months back, we received a call from Aarti, who resides in the US, to plan her wedding and create an aesthetic of her dreams. The pandemic, though in its later stages, was still omnipresent in the world with a lot of travel restrictions in place.

Hence, we decided to plan the wedding online. The entire wedding was discussed and planned online on Zoom. Despite the time difference of 9 hours between the two, we managed to coordinate as per Aarti convenience, who was equally supportive and understanding. We took care to discuss and plan all the major components of the wedding which even included the fabric color of the mandap, flower shades, backdrop, etc.

Planning the wedding with the couple online was a wonderful experience, and we were elated to meet the couple for the first time, 2 days prior to their wedding celebration. After meeting with them, we went into the more intricate details such as parasols for the wedding day, background music to be played during the events, room hamper items for the guest, and we also showed them our sketches for the easel board stands.

The wedding was a two-day affair comprising four events in total. It all started with the Mehendi where we used a pastel theme coupled with baby pink and aqua blue for the decorations. We used crates around the venue as decorative pieces, along with the dream catchers which served as the main elements for decor. During Sangeet, the venue came alive with the candles and donned a majestic feel with the drapes in gold and royal blue theme. As per the couple, the Haldi was basic yet classy with marigold flowers used as the main decorative items.

During the wedding, the venue wore shades of peach and pink along with flower strings. We placed a swing which served as an opportunity to take some pictures at the beautiful venue for one and all. We even made wedding booklets for the guests so that they knew each on every step of the ritual!

This wedding was not exactly an Indian one, since we followed a few American styles for it. So there were speeches, thank you notes, a guest book, seating chart, and even cake cutting post the wedding. The entire venue was brimming with joy, love, and happiness, as the couple entered a new phase of their lives.