10 Details That Will Bring the Wow Factor to Your Wedding

If you are prepared to go the additional mile to bring your ideal wedding to life, we have some recommendations for you! It’s all about the little details that your guests will never forget and that make your wedding in Dubai stand out. Here’s how you can make your special day more memorable;

Weddings in Dubai

1. Stunning background and blossoms

Your background and flowers will be the highlight that will make all your wedding pictures pop. A string of gardenias, assorted orchids, or a custom rose decoration is the way to go here! You can even go to the exotic route and request decor that combines multiple types to create a colorful extravaganza.   

2. Custom Design The Layout

It is no secret that individuals like to see things related to them at a wedding. Personalize these little details to make your guests feel like integral members of your wedding. 

3. Cozy, stylish lounge

It’s the attention to detail, the small things that people notice that make them realize how much time and work you put into creating an amazing experience and adding a bit of personal style will always be the perfect companion to make you stand out on your special day.

4. Amazingly creative tablescape

When guests first enter the reception area, they are likely to notice a few things, one of which is the arrangement of tables. Creating a memorable table setting is all about putting your spin on things. Find a stylist that can work within your constraints to create a stunning tablescape. The one who can entertain your cloth preference, add a flower arrangement, and more.

5. Beautiful stationery and invites

Making your wedding invites one-of-a-kind is a great way to get people excited about your big day. You can create unique invites by adding a gif or a 3D image or a doodle artwork of you and your partner in the invite that steps things up!

6. Children’s area

Provide a cute children’s play area to keep the kids occupied. A kid’s section, whether inside or out, is a great way to make sure the little ones are entertained and feel like they’re a part of the party.

7. A one-of-a-kind bridal entry

Planning a very simple yet wow entry can be a focal point for your big day. For example Customizing an umbrella for yourself and your bridesmaid matching your outfit for the bridal entry

8. Engaging activities

Indulge in first-rate amusement and make unforgettable recollections. It’s a wonderful opportunity for your family and friends to get to know each other. Organizing fun activities and games will add a wow factor to your big day.

Weddings in Dubai

9. Wide variety of desserts

As they say, dessert goes straight to the heart, not to the stomach. Set out a beautiful dessert spread that makes everyone say “WOW”. Sweets are the final point after the grand feast, so make sure there are enough sweets for everyone, be it pastries, a mousse, some fruits, or even ice cream.

10. Music

Music is an art form that transcends the language of love. Wedding music matters a lot, it sets the tone and imparts positive energy to your wedding. You can change the playlist according to the venue’s theme and concept to ensure it complements all other elements. Selecting the right DJ or a live band can definitely enhance a wedding and take it to the next level.

Final Words

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