5 Wedding Decor Trends to Look Out for in 2022

While the year 2020 saw the world grappling with a pandemic, 2021 saw life slowly starting to edge its way towards normalcy. Weddings, which were either cancelled or were remote affairs during the pandemic time, started regaining their previous life and vigour.

However, every new year brings with it a new set of possibilities. While we bid adieu to some long-standing wedding decor trends due to changing times, we have also come to embrace some new trends that are here to stay in the long run.

Micro Weddings

Due to Covid-19 cases fluctuating between high and low, now and then, most people have gotten used to smaller weddings now, some people prefer intimate weddings to keep it to close friends and family only, even if it is a destination one.

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Pastel Hues

When we talk about wedding decor, there has been a shift from rich and heavy colours to mild and lighter tones. In recent times, a lot of weddings have shifted from classic maroon and gold hues to pastel tones.

Being one of the top Indian wedding planners in Dubai, we know that pastels are going to stick around, at least soon. So if you are stuck on deciding on a colour scheme for your wedding, this will be the perfect one to go with!

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No Makeup – No Problem

Gone are the days when heavy bridal makeup was considered almost mandatory. Nowadays, most brides prefer to go with a more natural look with some light makeup. This consists of neutral tones that not just feel natural but also help amplify the natural beauty effortlessly.

But going for a natural look doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can still have colourful eyeliners, bright lipstick, and other ingredients to just spice it up a bit!

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Storytelling Through Details

Another prominent shift that is seen in weddings today is from classic decor to storytelling. Couples now prefer to tell their story in a more meaningful way than by just using traditional decor elements.

So you are going to find picture galleries or mock-up art depicting the story of a couple’s journey at more and more weddings now.

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Paperless weddings 

The concept of sustainability has taken over almost every industry, and the wedding industry is no exception. Concepts such as digital invitations instead of paper cards are growing like never before.

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So which decor trend are you going to incorporate into your wedding?

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