A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

If you are looking to get into the wedding planning business or are simply just curious about what the role of a wedding planner entails, then this blog is for you.

As a wedding planner, you must prepare on multiple fronts for the wedding day. But there is one thing that comes over and above everything else that will determine how successful the wedding goes – and that is preparing yourself.

You must be mentally and physically prepared for the big day since wedding planning is not a job of just a few hours. The wedding planner will have to be there day and night for weeks and at times, months, to overlook the preparations and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Remember to prepare yourself well, so that everything is smooth and perfectly on point.

Let us go through a few points to ensure you are ready for the big day.

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Prepare Before the Wedding Day

As a wedding planner, there are certain things that you can do the day before the wedding that will help you get a head start on D-Day. The first and foremost is packing everything that you are going to need for the wedding. You can create a list of essential items that you will require and pack those first so that you don’t forget to carry any of those with you for the big day.

Next comes designating the tasks. To avoid last-minute chaos that is so commonplace at weddings, you can create checklists, floor plans, seating charts, etc. well in advance and assign your staff members to tasks that suit their strengths. At this point, you should also call up the vendors engaged for the wedding and see if things are on-point from their end. Also, speak to the couple and the key decision-makers on both sides to know if anything else, apart from what has been planned, is required for the wedding day.

Last but not the least, ensure your own outfits for the big day are ready. Most wedding planners opt for smart casuals or company uniforms. Just ensure you are not running around at the last minute to get your team uniforms sorted.

Take Some Time Off for Yourself

This might sound like a luxury, considering how hectic and chaotic weddings usually are. But it’s essential to give yourself some time off before the big day since chances are you are not going to get any breathing room once the wedding starts.

The wedding day is going to be demanding, so it might be a good idea to let yourself wind down the previous evening. Try not to fret about the wedding menu or the figurines on the wedding cake for a few hours. Just do what you enjoy and allow your mind and body to be relaxed so that you are fully energized for the coming day.

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Remember to Eat Well

There will be a hundred things on your priority list on the wedding day and chances are that having meals won’t be one of them. In most cases, wedding planners find it pretty tough to have proper meals on the big day itself.

Hence, you should ensure that you eat well the night before. Besides this, you can also pack some ready-to-eat snacks to munch on while you are on call. This way, you can be assured that you always have fuel to carry you through the wedding day.

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Wedding planning can be a hectic profession, but one that will also give you immense satisfaction at the end of it all. Seeing things fall into place and the special couple happy with all the arrangements surely makes everything worth it.

We know this because we have been wedding planners in Dubai for many years now and have organized many weddings. At RGV Events and Weddings, we strive to bring your dream weddings to life. We don’t just plan and deliver an event – we create an experience that you and your guests will cherish for eternity.

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