How Do You Plan a 3 Day Wedding?

Today, the idea of three-day weddings is fast growing as a concept, especially in Dubai.

Take a break from the tried-and-tested wedding trend and plan a fabulous three-day weekend celebration, embracing memories that you can cherish forever. Luckily, RGV Events has designed the perfect three-day wedding itinerary for your wedding.

Three-day Wedding

Let’s dive right in.

  1. Day 1

The best part about having a three day wedding is that you get ample time to organize the various events and also enjoy them to the fullest.

The first day of this three day itinerary can be the day where you welcome all those who will be present in the celebrations along with you. You can organize a welcome lunch for your guests which will not only give you a chance to interact with all of them but also fuel them up for all the events to come!

Since everyone will be well rested by the evening, you can kick off the celebrations with Sangeet night. You can also add a cocktail dinner to the itinerary to just spice things up. After all, nothing really beats the combination of dancing and cocktails.

  1. Day 2

Even though your wedding celebrations are spread over three days, you don’t want to pack all the days with events and eventually be tired for the D-Day.

Hence, it can be a nice idea to organise a Mehndi brunch on the second day. Since not everyone will be participating in the mehendi ceremony, you can plan some additional activities, such as mini-games, along with some light music to keep everyone engaged.

In the evening, you can throw a sundowner party to gather with your loved ones, sip some drinks, groove to some music, and admire the beauty of the sunset. It can be the perfect way to end the day and prepare for a new beginning the next day.

  1. Day 3

The third day marks the most important day of the whole itinerary, which is the wedding day. Needless to say, this is the most important event for which you would want an ample amount of time to prepare. But since all the smaller events have already been organized in the previous two days, you will have the full day to yourself. You can just take your time and prepare yourself, leaving the worries of preparations to your wedding planner.

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