New Trends To Follow When Planning A Corporate Event

Corporate Events in Dubai

Before the advent of Covid 19, physical corporate events were a big thing for organizations to promote their business and build a better relationship with their prospective customers. You could see such events being organized in a city like Dubai left right and center.

However, the pandemic-induced restrictions brought these events to a complete halt. Organizations were forced to remodel these events virtually by means seldom used in the pre-pandemic world.

Now that most of the restrictions have been lifted, physical corporate events are starting to make their way back into the social sphere. However, not everything can go back to normal. Most of the organizers still believe that virtual and hybrid events are slowly going to become the new normal, given how well accepted they were during the Covid time.

Physical and hybrid events are well and good. But as a business, what other options do you have?

New Trends To Follow While Organising A Corporate Event

In this ever-changing scenario of today’s event industry, it is hard to stick with just one kind of event. Hence, it will be good for your business to explore the up-and-coming event formats that can benefit your business.

  1. Hybrid is the future

Even though in-person events have retained their charm, a large number of businesses are now choosing to go hybrid instead of sticking to just one format, which is, the in-person one. This means that the in-person events are still taking place, but the organizations are additionally providing virtual access to these events.

This works wonderfully for the organizations in two ways. Firstly, the organizations can still host a grand event for people who are able or willing to attend it, and secondly, they can scale it to previously unimaginable levels and increase networking opportunities. But providing virtual access to an event doesn’t just mean live streaming it. You need to leverage the various online tools and platforms to create an engaging environment for the end-user.

2. Using immersive technology

With the evolution of technology, the way we interact with it has also evolved. If a person is giving up his/her time to attend your corporate event, then he/she will expect some form of engagement and some visible results out of it. They don’t just want to sit there, watch someone talk for hours, and then leave.

So, a lot of businesses have started leveraging artificial intelligence to make their events more immersive and easier to access for the audience. For example, many events now have their own virtual maps which can help the user find his/her way in the crowd. There are chatbots that can instantly answer any query a person may have regarding the event.

It’s important to actively think about how you can engage the audience with your event to ensure that it is successful.

3. Environmental Mirroring

People today are more conscious of their environment than ever before. Hence, it is only natural that they are attracted to businesses that exhibit a certain level of empathy towards Mother Nature.

A corporate event can be a great way to position yourself as a business that cares about the environment. There are a number of ways in which the theme of sustainability can be incorporated into your event. For example, you can have a vegan menu or maybe have furniture made from recycled material. You can even go completely plastic-free to show that you actually care.

4. Health and Safety

There is an increased emphasis on health and safety at corporate events in Dubai, especially since the onset of the Covid pandemic. People are more concerned about their health now and expect a certain level of hygiene and safety standards to be maintained at an event. A very basic result of this emphasis has been the use of hand sanitizing stations at almost all events across the globe.

And it is not just about sanitizing hands or wearing masks. Even the food that will be served at your event needs to reflect your concern for your audience’s health!

Embracing the change

Corporate Events in Dubai

We, at RGV, know that changes do not come easy. So it will not exactly be comfortable for you to migrate to some of the new forms of corporate events.

But don’t worry. That’s what we are here for!

We, at RGV Events and Weddings, have more than two decades of experience in organizing corporate events in Dubai. Not only can we help you organize a successful corporate event in Dubai in this post-pandemic world, but can also ensure that it is a huge success.

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