Outdoor Wedding Themes for the Perfect Wedding

We’ve all been to countless weddings that still bedazzle and astound us with their beauty. Nature is the undisputed backdrop to create alluring weddings, the elements of nature playfully shine over your wedding theme.

Destination Weddings in Dubai

For those of you planning your outdoor destination weddings in Dubai in the near future, here are some mesmerizing themes and ideas for a mystical outdoor wedding!

Destination Weddings in Dubai

A Moroccan-themed event

When it comes to outdoor wedding events, nothing’s as angelic as a Moroccan-themed wedding. With beautiful rugs and ottomans being part of the culture, the wedding looks straight out of a Disney setup.

You can have seating with Moroccan-themed cushions on them for the comfort of your guests and place ottomans throughout the venue. With rugs being part of the decor, one needn’t even worry about soiling their clothes! Guests can even sit on the rugs with their family and friends and engage in fun conversations to give their feet some much-needed rest!

Destination Weddings in Dubai

A celestial beach wedding

Everyone loves the beach. So why not turn it into a dreamy wedding venue? With a celestial beach wedding, you can add the moon and the stars as the backdrop to your wedding. With the deep blue of the sea nestled at the back, the decor is sure to dazzle your guests!

The venue can be ensconced in stars and celestial elements to make it appear straight out of a book. What’s more, you can add these elements to every part of the wedding, including the food and the cake!

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A fairytale-themed wedding

If you’re a believer in fairy tale romance, then you need an outdoor wedding. Setting up the decor in the gardens of a castle or manor can give you the royal wedding you always dreamed of.

You can embellish the venue to look like an enchanted garden with the help of string lights, candles, flower arrangements, woodsy elements, and more.

A fun way to make your guests feel as involved could be by handing out floral crowns for all of them!

Destination Weddings in Dubai

A rustic wedding theme

For brides and grooms that adore nature and a rustic atmosphere when they venture on vacation, a rustic wedding theme is just what to go for. All you need are natural textures, wooden elements,  and greenery adorning the venue.

A woodsy atmosphere with floral arches and flower arrangements covering every surface will create an aesthetic outdoor set-up. Wooden tables with flower-decorated chairs are sure to add to the charm. You can also set up beautiful candles or rustic lamps throughout for a more vintage touch.

To make the venue even more dreamy, you can add a gorgeous wooden swing draped in flowers for the wedding party and your guests to click countless pictures around!

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A cruise wedding

For those who love the serene waves of the sea, a cruise wedding can be just as special! Hosting one in the open area of the deck with some beautiful decor can give the wedding party and the guests the perfect view and make the whole experience a delight!

We’ve got you thinking, haven’t we? If these ideas for outdoor destination weddings in Dubai haven’t hit your fancy, there are a lot more outdoor wedding ideas to explore! Just head over to RGV Events and Weddings and give us a call and we’ll shape your ideas into the perfect event.