Planning a Winter Wedding? Here’s How To Keep Your Guests Warm!

Winter weddings can be magical with the right theme and decor. But imagine planning the most beautiful wedding only to have your guests quivering with the cold, barely taking in the ambiance. If you’d rather keep your guests warm throughout the ceremony without compromising on your winter wedding dream, we’ve got some great ideas to help you do both!

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Here’s a quick list for a start:

Add warmth to your venue aesthetics

Believe it or not, warm shades do make a lot of difference. If you’ve planned a winter wedding, opt for decor and aesthetics that exude warmth from the shades and complement the decor. Warm lighting is yet another way to create the perfect ambiance for a winter wedding.

Set up a hot beverage counter

Nothing spells warmth better than a hot cup of coffee, or tea. Hot beverage counters set up in every corner will not only make a world of difference but also give your guests something to do between photoshoots and socializing.

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Provide your guests with shawls

If it’s particularly cold during the month you’re planning to have your wedding, you can always coordinate with the venue and your wedding planner in Dubai to set up counters with shawls that your guests can use while at the venue.

Giveaway some personalized theme gloves as mementos

Now, here’s an idea!

For many guests, weddings are the events to flaunt the most elegant outfits. What this means is that many will choose fashion over comfort. So, you’ll see many people shivering due to the cold. 

A fun idea to incorporate into your wedding is to give away themed gloves as part of the wedding memento. Have your wedding hashtags or the names of the bride and groom fancily etched onto the gloves and you have the perfect giveaway!

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Have portable electric fireplaces or fire pits placed throughout the venue

This is one idea that needs a great deal of consideration. While fancy fire pits set up in a few corners with lounging chairs around them sound like a dream, it can be a hazard if there are a lot of kids at your wedding. An ideal alternative is using electric fireplaces. These are safe to use, can be rented for the event, and are certainly enough to keep guests warm for the evening.

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Add blankets to your decor

Now, this is an idea we can all get behind! Rather than adding counters with shawls and blankets for guests to pick from, why not incorporate beautiful, cozy blankets into your decor instead? These can be prettily draped across sofas where guests can lounge and chat with one another. When needed, your guests can get snugly comfortable with the blankets.

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Set up safe counters for guests to roast some tasty bites

Unlike what you believe, there’s much more that you can roast on a campfire than just marshmallows. And with children being as much a part of your guest list, there’s nothing more engaging than multiple counters where guests can roast some bites on their own. You can serve up some marshmallows, pretzels and cheese dips, pineapple pieces, and more!

If you have more ideas to share, keeping the preferences of your guests in mind, feel free to share your ideas with our wedding planner in Dubai, RGV Events and Weddings is a pioneer in the industry with many years of experience! Our team will create the venue of your dreams and keep your guests happier than ever.