Rustic Décor Ideas For Indian Weddings!

Rustic wedding decor has a charm of its own that is unmatched. And while a country wedding would be perfect for a rustic luxe venue, nothing is stopping us from creating an opulent and mesmerizing rustic venue for your wedding in Dubai.

When you’re thinking rustic, there’s nothing better than going natural! From the elements used as part of your decor to the choice of lighting and venue, all can be used to augment the presence of nature, which amplifies a rustic appearance.

For those of you with a rustic luxe wedding on your mind, here are a couple of ideas from your trusted wedding decorator in Dubai to get you started!

Wedding Decorator in Dubai

A woodsy cocoon as your wedding venue

If rustic is what you’re looking for, why not choose a woodsy venue to host the wedding? A lovely garden space surrounded by trees and foliage is just the place to host a vintage, rustic wedding. And with the beautiful trees and shrubs surrounding the space, you have natural decor to make your wedding even more memorable. All that’s left is adding some quality tables, seating and a centrepiece to charm your guests.


Wedding Decorator

Floral vines and foliage draped throughout the venue

Now, this works both for indoor spaces and outdoor venues. Whether you have trees and greenery surrounding you or not, you can always amp up the decor by adding floral vines and foliage throughout the venue. These could be draped along the seating arrangements, the buffet table, the aisle, the lighting, and more!

Wedding Decorator in Dubai

Rustic arches entwined with floral blooms

Rustic arches work wonders when added throughout the venue. While having one place right at the entrance can truly enchant your guests, make sure you have a couple more at every entrance, from the aisle to the pathway leading guests toward the food counters and other arrangements.

If you’re planning to add engaging counters for your guests, you can always add rustic, floral arches with hanging wooden plaques directing guests toward the many activities you’ve planned for them!

Wedding Decorator in Dubai

Green centerpieces adorning the tables

Another great addition to rustic decor is having green centerpieces placed on every table. These could be flowers and foliage, wooden candle holders, or other natural elements that give off a rustic feel.

Our take? Go all out and experiment! No matter what rustic decor you decide to add, your guests are surely going to love it.

Wedding Decorator

Wooden tables and chairs add to the rustic decor

While we’ve talked about the decor, another thing that could amp up the venue is choosing wooden tables and chairs. If you’d rather not opt for wooden chairs owing to how heavy they can be, you can always stick with chairs with floral designs to have some natural element adorning the chairs.

Wedding Decorator in Dubai

Warm shades and hues for playful and inviting aesthetics

Whether you’re planning to host your rustic-themed wedding outdoors in the open or within a closed venue, warm shades give off the appearance of natural light, giving the venue a playful feel. And if you’re really hosting it outdoors, why not take it up a notch and add candlelight as part of your decor?

While these are just a few ideas we could share, you can always connect with us to discuss some more! As a renowned wedding decorator in Dubai, we’d love to plan your dream wedding with you and make it a memory of a lifetime.