The Best Season to Get Married in Dubai

While the changing seasons may not necessarily affect the love you have for your partner and the excitement to get married, it can definitely affect how much you enjoy your wedding.

Before the seemingly big questions of venue, guests and decorations arise, there comes the question of deciding the day you are going to get married. While it may not be that obvious, it turns out that some days are actually better to get married than others.

So let’s take a look at how some of the seasons can affect your wedding in Dubai.

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Winter – The best time to get married

Winter is one of the most awaited seasons in Dubai. The months of winter bring joy and enjoyment to the residents and tourists alike. Unlike other countries, Dubai does not experience harsh or unbearable winters. This is what makes this season perfect to get married. The cool breeze, mild blue skies, and blissful cold evenings will definitely add a certain charm to your wedding. Winter usually starts from October and lasts till March, but the best months to get married are from December to February.

This time of the year is perfect for an outdoor wedding in Dubai. This means you can contact your planner and organize a beach wedding without worrying about the scorching heat. This only means that you will have a blank canvas to work with and thus, can go in any direction, from an extravagant celebration to a more intimate setting. Both indoor and outdoor options are available in winter. So, whether you want an outdoor rustic wedding, or an indoor snow landscape, professional wedding planners will be able to organize the wedding of your dreams.

Although winter weddings in Dubai are widely popular, you can have weddings in other seasons as well. There are pros and cons of getting married in any season, but if you find a trusted wedding planner in Dubai, they can make your dreams come true all year around.

Autumn – Perfect for a comfortable wedding

Almost every wedding planner will agree that autumn is the most stress-free time to get married. This is because autumn lies in that sweet spot where the summer has just ended and winter is about to arrive but hasn’t just yet. It’s neither too hot, nor too cold, so you get to enjoy perfectly pleasant weather.

However, since it is such a popular season to get married, you might have to spend a little bit more as demand for hotels is very high and the event planners tend to be very busy. In such a situation, it will be great to book a very experienced wedding planner such as RGV Events and Weddings well in advance so that you don’t have to worry about any of the nitty-gritties and you can enjoy your wedding stress-free.

Spring – For those who love flowers

Yes, we all love flowers. But if you are someone who wants a particularly ‘flowery’ wedding, then spring might be the perfect season for you. The weather is generally good and there is no dearth of fresh flowers. You can literally find happiness blooming everywhere!

Spring gives you the chance of having a fresh, colorful, and vibrant wedding in Dubai, that is perfect for an occasion that signals a new phase in life.

Summer – Beautiful but tricky

Summer weddings can be tricky affairs, but that’s not to say they can’t be amazing. Summer weddings in Dubai can be really hot, so you will need the help of an efficient wedding planner to take care of the best indoor arrangements.

Assuming your guests can only make it in the summer since it’s a common holiday for all and you really have to get married then. Don’t worry, having an experienced wedding planner such as RGV Events and Weddings, can ensure you have a Winter Wonderland in the summer if that is what you want.

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It all comes down to you and your partner

It’s not about choosing the best season, but choosing the best season for you and your partner. Keep your priorities in mind and work with what you believe is the best season for the two of you

For everything else, you have the best all-season wedding planner in Dubai, RGV Events and Weddings. Contact us at and we will help you set up an amazing wedding in the season of your choice!