The Right Season to Plan an Outdoor Baraat

An outdoor baraat can certainly be a pretty sight. The open night sky, shimmering lights, and the ability to glorify the surroundings according to your will are just some of the perks of having an outdoor wedding.

However, the way an outdoor wedding turns out may depend a lot on when it is going to take place. Not every season may be equally suitable for holding an outdoor baraat. For example, an indoor baraat may be the more practical option during the rainy season, but the opposite may be true for the winter season.

Wedding Planners in Dubai

Best Time for Outdoor Baraat In Dubai

Being a city in the Middle East, Dubai experiences scorching heat during the summertime. Hence, having an outdoor baraat during that time of the year can be a very difficult task, both for you and the wedding planners.

However, the seven months starting from October to April experience some of the most pleasant weather conditions you can find in Dubai. There are also minimal chances of rain or storms and hence these can be the perfect months to have an outdoor baraat in Dubai.

October to early April is also considered the on-season for marriages in Dubai. During these months you get pleasant weather along with an ample amount of sun, so outdoor weddings are the preferred ones even in the most luxurious hotels. The contrary is true for the summer season (also considered as the off-season) where it gets so hot and humid that a private beach wedding or an outdoor wedding is a clear no.

Since Dubai is highly popular as a wedding destination, you need to pick the date wisely so as to ensure the availability of the venue of your choice. Also, it will be better to book your wedding planner way in advance, since most of them are quite busy during this time of the year.

However, It’s All Up to You

While one season may be better than the other one for holding an outdoor baraat, it doesn’t necessarily have to dictate when you want the wedding to happen. In the end, the best season is the one that is important to both you and your partner.

And as far as the wedding planning goes, you can leave that to RGV Events and Weddings, the best wedding planners you can find in Dubai. You can contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you!