Tips & Tricks to Find the Best Wedding Planners in Dubai

It is finally done. The wedding date is fixed and the engagement has been announced. But what now?

Well, now is the time to start planning everything. Guests list, venue, music, decoration, wedding outfit, food, and a lot more. Sounds a bit overwhelming right?

That’s precisely why you have wedding planners. People who can take care of everything at the wedding for you, so that you can just concentrate on yourself and your special day without having to worry about anything else.

But choosing a wedding planner isn’t that simple. After all, you can’t just blindly hand over the responsibility of your wedding to anyone and expect it to be a fabulous event. You need to understand whether the wedding planner is right for you or not.

How do we know if a wedding planner is good for you? Well, that is what this blog is all about. Here we are going to reveal the key things to make note of, when finding the best wedding planners in Dubai;

  1. Perform a thorough search for a wedding planner

    A thorough search for the perfect wedding planner for your big day is the most important task if you want to organise your day as stress-free as possible. Hence, it can be a good idea to:

      • Assess what you want from your wedding planner

        A planner that can grasp your style will be your best bet. Choose a planner whose style is similar to that of yours, who understands your budget and can work with it. Do consider the type of services your planner has to offer, and whether it fits with your needs or not. Some of the most important services that wedding planners usually offer are:

        1. Complete organisation: Most wedding planners take care of all the things related to a wedding, right from receiving the guests to the D-Day. The more things a planner can take care of, the lesser things you will have to worry about.

        2. Network of suppliers: With the help of a well-established network of suppliers, the planner can make arrangements for your wedding on time and within your budget.

        3. Decoration: What’s a wedding without some splendid decor that can turn every head that comes to the venue?

        4. Coordination of the day: Wedding planners usually have a dedicated team with each person handling different aspects of a wedding. A good wedding planner will have proper communication between different people so that everything goes according to plan. Wedding Planner Dubai 

    • Search on the internet

      We all know how the Internet has made life easier for us. Now, you can easily search for wedding planners on the internet. There are countless wedding portals where you can find a wide range of planners.

      It can also be a great idea to expand your search to social media as well. You can always get some amazing ideas and recommendations on the likes of Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube. A social media search of the wedding planner you want to go for will also give you an idea of their visual style, testimonials, etc. All this can help you to make a final decision regarding that particular wedding planner.

      That being said, one of the easiest ways to search for a wedding planner can be to check with friends and family. After all, word of mouth reviews are always more genuine and credible.

    • Assess your budget

      Since the planners will be responsible for organising your events, they need to have clarity of your budget. An experienced planner may charge more but will also save you money in other ways. For example, the strong relationships that your planner has with its vendors can allow you to save costs and get the job executed well and in time.

  2. Know their availability

    After an initial search, it’s time to make a list of wedding planners that you liked the most and that best fit your style.



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    Now, it is important to know how your planner is going to work! So the next step is contacting them. You have to get to know your planner just like the planner has to get to know you. You can meet them in person at their office/ potential wedding venues or even a coffee shop, for that matter. However, if they are not from the same country, then it is important to have a virtual meeting where both the parties have their video on so that a proper bond can be formed and both the parties can put names to faces.

    While getting to know your planner, it can be a good thing to understand the volume of work they tend to take up at one given time. You want to work with a planner that gives your special day the well-deserved time and the attention to avoid any mishaps.

  3. Communicating with them

    When you contact a wedding planner and get the discussions underway, try to understand how they’ll organise and coordinate with you throughout the planning process. Your working styles must match with each other to make the process as smooth as possible, allowing you to avoid any stress on the day!

    You must surely be having some sort of image about how you want your wedding to look. Well, now is the time to spill the beans! Tell them exactly what you want, along with expressing your doubts and apprehensions, if any. This is an opportunity to give them a clear picture of how you want your day to look like. Their understanding of your requirements will give you a sense of whether they are the right planner for you or not.

  4. Some other things to consider
    • Network of suppliers

      Do they have a wide network of suppliers? Moreover, it is important to assess the quality of relationships with these vendors.

    • Services included in the budget

      It’s essential to get the price of each of their services, to have clarity from the get-go. Furthermore, it is wise to keep a margin in your budget in case of any last-minute changes.

      Once everything is set and done, and you both have clarity of what you want, it’s time to go!

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