Top 8 Mehndi Ceremony Themes that will Make You Crazy!

Every Indian wedding is a multi-event affair, with Mehendi being an integral part of it. Mehendi is one of the more peaceful and relaxing events at the wedding, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make it into an event that everyone cherishes for life!

There are a lot of different themes that you can play around with to make your Mehendi ceremony a vibrant and fun affair. And don’t worry, you don’t have to go around searching for various Mehendi themes. Just for you, we have compiled the 8 most trendy Mehendi ceremony themes that will not only swoon you but also make the guests go wow.

mehendy ceremony in dubai

A Bohemian Vibe

Even though it is still relatively new, the Boho theme is fast catching up for Mehendi ceremonies. This is a pretty non-traditional and quirky theme that includes ample use of vintage wooden decor, dream catcher hanging, rustic canopies, and crochet photo booths, all of which are perfect for the free-spirited soul in you.

Traditional Mandala Theme

You might have come across a lot of art containing symmetric geometric configurations which look hard to make but beautiful to look at. These configurations are none other than Mandalas. A Mandala occupies an important space in various spiritual traditions, and can hence give your Mehendi ceremony a religious and spiritual feel to it. You can have Mandala designs decorated in the backdrop and on the floors to enhance the spiritual feel of your Mehendi ceremony venue.

A Venetian Affair

Now let’s be honest, Dubai is not Europe. But that’s not to say you can’t bring Europe to Dubai! The city of Venice is known for its carnivals and hence a theme based on it can be perfect for a joyous occasion like Mehendi. You can get some quirky masks for the guests to wear, incorporate a European cuisine in the menu and maybe even get an artificial pool with boats in it!

mehendy ceremony in dubai

Lemons and Oranges

This is a pretty citrusy theme, which is ideal in case you are having your Mehendi ceremony in the summer or spring season. There is hardly anything more fresh in the summer season than a citrus fruit like lemon or orange. Hence, adding them to your Mehendi ceremony will impart a very fresh vibe to it. You can have elements such as lemon arches and centrepieces, orange and lemon cakes, seating cards, and lots more.

The Teapot Party Theme

Tea is the go-to drink for most of the desi people. So why not have a theme based on that for your Mehendi ceremony. You can have some beautifully illustrated teapots along with ceramic cups and sip some tea with your loved ones like you are in Bridgerton, have baby breath flowers for table centerpieces, and lots more.

If you want a more traditional vibe to it, then you can have hand-painted teapots and cups that can be used for decoration purposes.

A Traditional Rajasthani Event

If you want a more traditional ceremony, then a Rajasthani theme will do it for you. You can have some quirky inverted hanging umbrellas with a colorful canopy to create a festive atmosphere, have some bold colors for decoration, and of course, some traditional Rajasthani music.

Neon Themed Ceremony

To give your Mehendi ceremony a quirky and bold look, you can throw in some fun neon decor that will add the spice. Right from the photo booths to cutlery, neon shades can add a twist to everything. Add to that some neon curtains, neon origami backdrops, neon buntings & hangings and suddenly the whole affair will be much more fun!

For The Punjabi in You

Punjabis are known for their cheerful demeanor and their warm and welcoming attitude. This must give you a good idea about what this theme can impart to your Mehendi ceremony.

This theme is perfect to have for anyone who wants to have the good old desi vibe to their event. Not only can you have the quintessential such as black daal and naan in your menu but also have elements such as “bhutta” stalls along with some nice phulkari decorations. You can have wooden charpoys at the venue for the people to sit along with some Dhol walas for the music, which will also help give the venue a nice desi feel.

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