Ideas for a Trendy Varmala Exchange for Couples!

Every Indian wedding is a festival in itself, an amalgamation of events that includes sangeet, Mehendi, Kanyadaan, and Varmala. All the events vary in their importance and feel. So while sangeet is a vibrant affair, the varmala is a much more intimate and romantic one.

In an Indian Wedding, the varmala or the exchange of flower garlands essentially signifies marriage. Hence, it is the most cherished event of the entire wedding ceremony.

When something is this special and romantic, it definitely calls for a different kind of setup. In this blog, we’ll give you some of the most trending varmala exchange ideas that you can use for your wedding and make the occasion all the more memorable.

varmala ideas

A serene water fountains

Imagine yourself standing in the centre of the stage along with your partner with varmalas in your hands. Suddenly, water fountains start all around you, lit up in different shades of colour and circling both of you so that you are the cynosure of all eyes.

Sounds beautiful, right?

Water fountains are some of the most romantic setups to have at a varmala. The calming sound of gushing water all around you along with the reflection of various shades of light can be the perfect setup to exchange those garlands in style.

The magic of fireworks

We don’t need to tell you how magical fireworks can make a night look. This beauty isn’t just limited to the sky. You can have it all around you on the stage during the varmala ceremony.

Alternatively, you can also have the varmala stage set up a bit higher than the ground where other people are standing and have a fireworks display in the background that switches on just when you exchange the garlands. Trust us, the night sky lit up with fireworks in the background, and with a beautiful couple in the foreground is a sight to behold.

A flower showers

This is one of the more traditional but the most widely used ones. Having the flowers showered upon both of you during the varmala not only looks great but also fills the atmosphere with the sweet smell of those flowers.

Besides this, did we say that flowers are also highly romantic and glamorous?

A color-coordinated affair

You must have made plans along with your partner for the wedding day about the attires you both will feature in. So why not colour coordinate the varmala stage along with the attires too?

This can seem a bit low-key, but as they say, “Beauty lies in simplicity”. So if you are someone who doesn’t want much pomp and show, this is a simple and elegant way to make your varmala ceremony all the more beautiful.

Music brings joy

If there is one thing in the world that every celebratory event needs, it’s music. Music can be a great tool to fill the air with some romance and set the mood for the varmala ceremony.

You can have a soulful and romantic mix prepared beforehand and ask the DJ to play it during the ceremony. Not just that, you can have some live music to go with the mood as well!

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