Virtual Wedding Planning – How They Work

“At the heart of every wedding lies the celebration of love.”

Virtual wedding planning in Dubai has become a popular go-to option for couples looking to celebrate their special occasion with RGV Events and Weddings. As an increasing number of couples have started relying on digitization for planning their wedding, it’s becoming crystal clear that planning a wedding does not mean you have to be in the city throughout the planning to bring your wedding to life, and neither do you have to compromise on what’s most important to you.

Planning a wedding virtually in Dubai can be a stressful activity as you need to take into account numerous factors, including location planning, themes, and dress codes. Today, RGV Events outlines a few snippets of advice as well as wedding planning resources to help you make your big day fun and memorable.

Virtual Wedding Planning

A Guide to Virtually Planning a Wedding in Dubai

1) Decide what is most important to you

Before you begin reaching out to vendors or making appointments with them, decide an overall budget, possible wedding locations, some specific dates you did like to get married on. You can also start discussing color schemes and wedding themes you have in mind, what are the absolute must-haves and deal-breakers for the wedding, flowers you like and the guest list.

You can also consider starting to do some initial research on possible vendors by doing online searches, reading reviews, and looking for local referrals in the area. Take some time to review the event company’s work on social media, look through their portfolios and once you’ve narrowed down your options, you can begin making appointments with the vendors.

2) Choose your wedding venue and date

Your wedding venue and date should be the first two aspects you need to secure for your wedding. Without finalizing both of these, it would be difficult to officially start booking your wedding vendors.

If you are having your ceremony, you will need to not only inquire about date availability but also whether there are any formalities you need to adhere to. Most of the details regarding your wedding ceremony location can be done over the phone making it very seamless to plan virtually. Nowadays, it is normal to do a video tour if you have never seen the venue in person as it will help you visualize what your dream day will look like.

3) Number of days

It is important to understand how many days you want the celebrations to run for.

This helps in determining multiple factors such as; how many days will your guests need to travel for (assuming they are visiting from overseas), how many days will they need accommodation for, number of events you need to plan for, what artists are required for each occasion and above all, what the change in budget could look like. All these decisions can be taken remotely, and you can always turn to your wedding planner for advice over the phone or video call.

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With the rise of technology and the popularity of Zoom calls, it has become relatively simple to hire a wedding planner online and have all meetings virtually. At RGV Events & Weddings, we aim to bring your fairy tale wedding to life. The numerous destination weddings organized by us in Dubai and the other emirates in the UAE speak for themselves. One recent example can be found here.

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