Artificial or Real Flowers on the Wedding Day

Flowers are the life of any wedding decoration. They are often used extensively throughout the wedding venue, starting from the reception and right to the mandap. Not only do they impart a certain freshness to the decoration but also lend a touch of natural beauty. Besides this, they are also cheaper than many other decorative items, and can hence result in significant cost savings.

Once you have decided to use flowers in your wedding decoration, the next question that arises is, “What type of flowers to use?”

For decorative purposes, you can either go for real flowers or fake ones. So to help you make a more informed decision, let’s take a look at how these options compare.

  1. Cost: Artificial flowers are generally cheaper than real ones. So if you have extensive decoration needs on a large area, then artificial flowers may be the better option out of the two. However, real flowers can still be used in more important parts of the venue like the mandap so that you have a nice mix of both.
  2. Variety: There are numerous species of flowers available in the market, but not every one of them is wedding-worthy. Your options are generally limited when it comes to real wedding flowers. But in the case of artificial flowers, the sky is the limit. For example – you can get some silk wedding flowers which come in countless designs and colors for your centrepiece or bouquet.
  3. Renting: When it comes to artificial flowers, you can easily rent them online, something that is not possible with real flowers. There are several online wedding stores and wedding decorators in Dubai who can provide you with a large variety of artificial flowers.
  4. Wedding Keepsake: One of the major disadvantages of having real flowers is that they will all perish soon after the wedding is over. However, artificial flowers can be preserved as a keepsake forever, considering they won’t shrivel up or wither away.
  5. Season: All kinds of artificial flowers are available throughout the year which is not the case with real ones. Hence, there will be a cost attached to a flower considering whether it is in bloom in that particular season or not. Artificial flowers know no boundaries and are available in every corner of the world, irrespective of the season.
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While it may seem that artificial flowers have a distinct advantage over their real counterparts, the choice between the two is not always straightforward. A major reason for this is that real flowers offer fragrance and freshness which artificial ones can’t.

Hence, to decide which option will be better for you, you need a good wedding decorator by your side who can help you make that decision. And who better to find in Dubai than RGV Events and Weddings!

We at RGV can not only arrange any kind of flower you may want for your wedding but can also decorate your venue, just like you had always imagined.

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