Wedding Decor with Pinterest Aesthetics

Have you dreamed of having stunningly beautiful wedding decorations? It’s no small feat for a soon-to-be-wed couple to compile a mood board with the never-ending wedding checklist and the fact that they’re going to commit forever on this auspicious day.

These fresh takes on wedding decoration, from all-white to colorful extravaganzas, are sure to inspire some memorable shorts for your wedding album.

Let there be light

That red and gold aesthetic is where you can never go wrong. But to step things up, keeping your mandap all white (can be with some greenery for contrast) is a lovely option if you love a subtle look and feel.

Wedding Decorator in Dubai

Bring out the rainbow for Haldi

How about a Haldi ornament that doesn’t only have any marigolds or yellows! We can’t help but fall in love with the stunning rajanigandha and carnation bouquet.

Lavender overdose

Imagine entering this ethereal mandap setup! What more do you require? The lavender hue sparks romance and makes you the center of attention, entering in eccentric colors amongst the lilac magnificence.

Wedding Decorator in Dubai

Create a Pinterest-like Roka

Stunning gypsophila creates a beautiful aura for this cozy at-home setting. Reserve it for an unorthodox Roka theme.

Introduce nature

This beachfront mandap exemplifies splendor. Despite being so limited, we can confidently assert that it is unique.

 Image Alt

Spray the baby’s breath with paint

Bringing your aesthetics to life needs effort, as seen by this décor concept. This pair of spray-painted baby’s breath and banana leaves theme adds a distinctive touch to the décor.

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Wear bright, vibrant colors

Changing up the design layout is all about incorporating fresh ideas. The combination of the gloomy lighting, the thick flora, and the many different colored lanterns and flowers makes this one appear stunning.

A Creative Cake

Before designing your ideal wedding cake, you should do thorough research. RGV’s recommendation is to collect as many photographs as possible of your favorite cake designs and to ensure that the cake baker/designer you choose has these designs in their portfolio.

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Make it whimsical

The mehndi setting at the pool, inspired by the hues of the pomegranate fruit is a wonder to behold before the eyes. Still indecisive? Consider basing your motif on your favorite fruit.

Create a rainbow of hues

The rainbow represents bridges between the earth and the gods. Why don’t you try the rainbow with vibrant hues as your theme? It’s just what you want now that spring is here.

 Image Alt

Enjoy the rustic elegance

This is for neo-couples with an old-world flair. A mandap resembling a woodland paradise, which the designer creates the impression of flowers blooming on the pillars over decades.


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