Trendy Wedding Flower Decoration Ideas

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When someone tosses the term wedding decoration, you will probably think about flowers arranged in a plethora of patterns. You can bunch them to form bouquets, enhance the beauty of tables as centrepieces, or even bring the ceremony aisle to life.

But these are just a handful of the many ways in which you can use flowers for wedding decoration. So if you are looking for something fresh for your wedding decoration, you need to think a bit differently.

To make things a bit easier for you, we have gathered a few inspirational ideas that will not only enhance the beauty of your wedding venue but also seriously impress the guests. You can take note of these ideas and share them with your wedding decorator in Dubai to help bring your wedding venue to life.

wedding decoration ideas

A Dramatic Entrance

A floral entrance or an archway covered in flowers is in vogue nowadays. The site of fresh flowers right from the beginning is a beautiful site for one and all. You can collaborate with your wedding decorator and florist to choose the flowers that will complement the overall theme of your wedding venue.

Hanging Carnations

Dazzle one and all by having hanging curtains of flowers at your wedding. A good wedding decorator in Dubai will know the best settings to install these curtains and the flowers to use in them. But if you’re unsure, then some good old carnations can perfectly do the trick for you.

Floral Signage

If you have a sprawling wedding venue, then you will probably have signage to help your guest navigate the venue. Since it forms such an essential part of your wedding venue, why not give it a floral twist and make it stand out! You can add some flowers on or around the signage to make it stand out and grab the attention of your guests.

Floating Florals

This is an amazing decoration idea if your wedding venue has a pool. You can have a small floating island of flowers surrounded by candles and create a jaw-dropping ensemble.

Garland Draped Ceiling

If your wedding venue contains tent-like structures, you can decorate the ceiling of these structures with rows of flowers running from the center to the outer periphery of the tent. You can also decorate the pillars using twisting rows of flowers.

Best Wedding Decorator in Dubai

The ideas listed above are just a few of the many that we have in store. So if you want to have such creative flower decorations at your wedding venue too, then contact RGV Events and Weddings today!

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